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The programs I use are-

Photoshop CS6 and Paint Tool Sai

Gimp for pixel art.

I recently began to use a tablet, but I still use a mouse for the pixel art, or other things like that.
Stolen from :iconafr0panda:

Which Pokemon is your favorite...

( Note: I will pick a different Pokemon per type. I don't want to have duplicates. )

Bug-Type: Scolipede (MAJESTIC HORSE BUG)
Dark-Type: Weavile
Dragon-Type: Goodra
Electric-Type: Luxray
Fairy-Type: Xerneas
Fighting-Type: Hawlucha
Flying-Type: Togekiss
Grass-Type: Trevenant
Ground-Type: Flygon
Normal-Type: Porygon Z
Poison-Type: GENGAR
Psychic-Type: GARDEVOIR (#1 favorite)
Rock-Type: Gigalith
Steel-Type: Aegislash/Aggron
Water-Type: KYOGRE

Which Pokemon do you think is...

... the cutest?: Togekiss <3
... the coolest?: GIGALITH
... the prettiest/most beautiful?: Definitely Milotic.
... the ugliest/fugliest?: Stunfisk...
... the most badass?: Remember that one time a guy won a tournament with a Pachirisu?? Well...
... the most awesome/best?: If you're asking my favorite, then it's Gardevoir.
... the lamest/worst?: SUNKURN
... the grooviest?: Sceptile
... the most awkward?: Slowpoke
... the most underappreciated?: The gardevoir line, still.
... the most overrated?: I'm looking at you, Charizard fans.
... the craziest?: Porygon Z
... the scariest?: DRIFBLOON.

Which Pokemon do you think would...

... be the most useful if it were real?: There would be so much construction done with a Diggersby.
... be the least useful if it was real?: Who would want a sunkurn.
... be the most terrifying if it were real?: YVELTAL.
... be the most hilarious if it were real?: Imagine having a little zigzagoon. They're so dumb. I want like 5.
... make the world better if it were real?: Blissey!
... make the world worse if it were real?: Grimer and Muk
... enslave the human race if it were real?: Mewtwo

If Pokemon were real, what would your team look like?:

1- Gardevoir

2- Gigalith

3- Goodra

4- Togekiss (This one would probably be my favorite)

5- Scolipede (I would ride that thing into the sunset)

6- Hawlucha (A fighting type to motivate me like Shia Labeouf)


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Creanator (Crea)
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A small snail returns from their trip. They are glad to see a visitor!

check out my latest youtube videos here-

Also, check out my blog, where I put all of my art(And dank memes)

The Memetastic Four! :iconshinydragoness::iconpuddingzwolf::iconbeginingofthejourney: (Rotclaw- )

:iconscreamingaryxplz: (Plz account thanks to SpontaneousFork)

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