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Warning: May contain idiots. Also, cashews. UuU

I draw a lot of things. Though, lately I've been drawing a lot of PMDEoLaD and D.I.D. stuff.
(Pokemon Mystery Dungeon- Explorers of Light and Darkness, and DrawnIntoDimensions)


As two of you know, I have found the most inspirational song I have ever listened to ((Gold - Owl City))
And for some reason, I want to make an entire series of pictures based off of the song. Some will be for D.I.D., and some will be for PMDEoLaD.
  So, what is such the big deal?
  This song represents being close to someone, no matter what relationship. How great they are, and how much they shine. This is the strongest song I have ever listened to, and gives me the most motivation out of any other song in my list. Not only that, but it brings up my spirit and overall makes me much happier. 
  If I actually do this, then each picture should have some part of the lyrics in it. 
  I probably will not be alone on this, either. I might have :iconpuddingzwolf: and :iconbeginingofthejourney: Help me on some things, like ideas and such. I could have more people help, but they would all be my friends.
I'm calling this the 'Shine Project'. It could take a long time, and might not even be worth it, but I'm going to waste my time on it, even if I don't finish.
  This is the first project I have ever worked on, and I can hope to stay true to finishing it. Wish me luck, and hope to see some of it.


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Cal me Creator, or Shiny. UuU
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
It's me, Creator! the creator of Symphony the horse with a horn on her head , Darksun the enderdragon, Aryx the gardevoir, Aiden that one dead guy, and Shakira the weird white kitty technician!

If you're offline for a while, you'll either see nothing from me, or you'll messages will be blown up by deviations, so just a warning there. Anyways, I'm a pretty weird person, but who wants to be normal, anyway? It's super overrated. I like being different.

I also warn you that I am a mun. A mun is someone who owns characters that they are connected to in a way, meaning I do not treat them as if they were mindless puppets. It's creepy for the mind of a normal person, but if you know me well, you'd find it normal that I mess around with them. This is what being an artist is like when you're a kid. Deal with my weirdness.
But I have friends who do the same, so I don't think it's weird.

There are a lot of fandoms I'm in. Pokemon, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Skyrim, Minecraft, MLP (don't tell anyone) and I know a bit of Homestuck, Megaman, and others, but only because friends talk about it.
So make yourself at home! Just make sure you wipe your feet first. I don't want my carpet to get dirty. It takes a long time to clean.

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Also, check out our blog! We bring muns and muses closer together... but, uh.. We have to fix our own problems, first.…

Good friends! :iconxnighttheassassinx::iconbeginingofthejourney::iconlilyblox8::iconspontaneousfork:

Senpais! :iconrebornica::icontsitra360::iconaccursedasche:

Morail My bestest friend EVAH! :iconpuddingzwolf:

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shinydragoness Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You are welcome. >u<
PetPatrol1 Apr 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I still have that list of songs, and so far, I am leaning towards fireflies. ^^
Tttthhhhhaaaaaannnnnkkkkkk yyyyyyyooooooouuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!! I am a dummy! 
shinydragoness Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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